Sunday, January 6, 2013

Maybe I should stop …

Talking a about love is a difficult matter for everybody…well specially me, because I never had an actual love in my whole life, sometimes I feel that I am falling in love but after a while I realize it was just a temporary crush based on beauty or being cute!
At first I thought there is something wrong with me because I can’t sense any attraction toward any man I see around anymore, but then I tried to find the reason and now I can see it.
Don’t get me wrong! I wasn't a freak who doesn't understand love; on the contrary I am desperate about it, but my heart is so worried about being played, I am so skeptical and insecure, if it is not the one! If I make a mistake! If… my experiences also didn't any help and made it worse and worse!

Finally I decided to give up, if love is out there, it’ll find me eventually, and if it is not maybe I should stop...       

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