Sunday, January 6, 2013

It was just a game!

As a kid we were very creative for inventing games, for us making games was a game itself, mostly because we were four teenager in a big boring house with our toys and nothing else, we had to stay indoor expect for yard that was wide and it had a balcony and gardens around it!
Our most favorite game was going to yard and pretending to be businessmen, each of us had a store and sold whatever he or she wants! For example I had a bakery and I made bread for my sisters and brother, my elder sister had a green-grocery shop and we were buying fruits and vegetables there, my brother managed a grocery and my younger sister was in jewelry business.

Sometimes we switched our jobs or picked different carriers! But nevertheless we did our best and we were committed to our profession, maybe more than adults, toys were our work stuff and we used to trade some as money.
It took hours and when it was lunch time, my mother used to call us and we realized it was all just a game not reality! 

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