Monday, January 7, 2013

It is just glasses, not a big deal!

Since I was a kid my eyes couldn't recognize some staff in distance, in school, at the class.

I always had trouble for seeing blackboard, but I didn't say it to anyone, maybe because I was ashamed of it, I used to guess what is on the board but nevertheless it made my scores awful, finally I admitted to my parents that my eyes have problem and I need their help, they almost didn't believe me and took me to an eye doctor just for precaution, anyway in the doctor’s office, I sat in front of the eyesight test chart and tried to distinguish them of each other, first I made it look like everything is fine and start guessing again, but the doctor learned my trick very quick. My father ask him why is he surprise and doctor explained to him that my situation is worse than they thought, I am going to need  glasses with number one and after that all my problems will go away…

didn't believe that they'll make my life any different, but it did too much, the first time I used those glasses, world seemed very weird, actually it was awesome, like a blurry sight behind a dusty window that suddenly got cleaned and start shining like heaven on earth!    

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