Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Giant snowman

In our city winter was always the same, frozen weather, no sign of snow, maybe a little, which any of it never remained even for one day for us to play, of course for everything, there was some special years.

That day, I cam remember when I woke up in the morning and look out of the window, I saw white wide ground with shiny sparkling surface was broadened in front of me, it was all over the ground, even the gardens and edges of walls.
I got so excited and started to thinking about finding a way to go out. But I knew my mother going to be difficult to convince.
Unfortunately it never happened, as usual! and I stuck behind the windows whining about it, that afternoon my father got out and start building something really big, actually he is always like that, he does not start any cool act, but when he does, it is going to be huge!
I had been putting my face on the glass of the window all afternoon and watching his efforts.
It was a very big snowman, twice my father height and three times width.
an extraordinary work of art which was unforgettable and kind of scary! 

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