Saturday, January 12, 2013

My best birthday memory

Birthday never was a serious tradition in our home, I personally missed a lot of my birthdays but that doesn't mean I didn't have one at all! However it wasn't a surprise! I always knew either my mom want to celebrate it or not, I should admit some of those days were really memorable!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Giant snowman

In our city winter was always the same, frozen weather, no sign of snow, maybe a little, which any of it never remained even for one day for us to play, of course for everything, there was some special years.

Monday, January 7, 2013

The story of poor frogs!
As a child I personally wasn't a bad and troublemaker girl, but about my little brother, it was a different story, he and his nutty friends used to hanging around the rivulet and searching for any kind of creepy animal like snakes, lizards, frogs or turtles.

It is just glasses, not a big deal!

Since I was a kid my eyes couldn't recognize some staff in distance, in school, at the class.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

It was just a game!

As a kid we were very creative for inventing games, for us making games was a game itself, mostly because we were four teenager in a big boring house with our toys and nothing else, we had to stay indoor expect for yard that was wide and it had a balcony and gardens around it!
Our most favorite game was going to yard and pretending to be businessmen, each of us had a store and sold whatever he or she wants! For example I had a bakery and I made bread for my sisters and brother, my elder sister had a green-grocery shop and we were buying fruits and vegetables there, my brother managed a grocery and my younger sister was in jewelry business.

Sometimes we switched our jobs or picked different carriers! But nevertheless we did our best and we were committed to our profession, maybe more than adults, toys were our work stuff and we used to trade some as money.
It took hours and when it was lunch time, my mother used to call us and we realized it was all just a game not reality! 

Maybe I should stop …

Talking a about love is a difficult matter for everybody…well specially me, because I never had an actual love in my whole life, sometimes I feel that I am falling in love but after a while I realize it was just a temporary crush based on beauty or being cute!
At first I thought there is something wrong with me because I can’t sense any attraction toward any man I see around anymore, but then I tried to find the reason and now I can see it.
Don’t get me wrong! I wasn't a freak who doesn't understand love; on the contrary I am desperate about it, but my heart is so worried about being played, I am so skeptical and insecure, if it is not the one! If I make a mistake! If… my experiences also didn't any help and made it worse and worse!

Finally I decided to give up, if love is out there, it’ll find me eventually, and if it is not maybe I should stop...