Monday, January 7, 2013

The story of poor frogs!
As a child I personally wasn't a bad and troublemaker girl, but about my little brother, it was a different story, he and his nutty friends used to hanging around the rivulet and searching for any kind of creepy animal like snakes, lizards, frogs or turtles.


For example once he took a crop and sold it an Arab boy, they boy took off its hand which it was a cruel deal; even my brother didn't approve such behavior with a beast.
Anyway, someday my brother and his crow find a lot of frogs in a side of rivulet and he decided to bring them home, but he knew my mother never going to get along with having them in the house with us, so he hid them in his closet and left, unfortunately my mother went to his room and along she was looking for something accidently opened the closet.

She didn't notice at first but she felt something is not right! There was a strange noise and movement inside clothes, she got curious and put away some stuff and suddenly a big foot of a giant frog kicked the bag and my mother jumped up and screamed.
Therefore poor little frogs had sent to the street so they can find their real home in nature, I don’t recall my brother punishment, maybe because it never happened but at least frogs got their freedom!    

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