Thursday, January 3, 2013

State fair
When I was a little kid, we used to go to the state fair, I loved being there, I sometimes still think about those days, we had a tradition and it was always the same, we got through the gates, we watched the game machines for a few minutes and then we realized my father took the ticket for us, it was sometimes a short line and very soon we were in the air screaming and having fun!
After 3-4 times on different machines, this part of journey was over and next part started, going for dinner, it was usually just kebab and dough! Everybody loved it except me! I was always a fast-food fan but sitting under pomegranate trees, smelling scent of leaf and the most important thing being with my family was a sweet and memorable that even as a child I knew that.

My father never bought us any candy or cookie because he believed those things are harmful and unhygienic and making us sick, we used to complain a lot about it specially cotton candy on a stick was very tempting, unfortunately he never went for it and one of these days when I will be a mom with her children in a state fair, I‘ll buy them anything they want and particularly cotton candy on stick!  

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