Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Life route!
Today was not a perfect day for me, I woke up late in the morning, my head was pounding and my legs were shaky and unstable, I could barely stand on my feet and I was feeling sleepy all morning, I tried to study but I didn’t understand a word, It was exhausting being so useless and invalid, unable of doing your dairy tasks and worse of all you don’t even know why!!! It like something bad is happening for you and you are unaware of that but it is so big and nasty which infect you from its source anyway!

I don’t want to be skeptical but I can sense it! Sooner or later it will show its ugly face to me and I want to be ready for it!
Everything comes to me I’ll be ready for it, and I won’t break so easy, I believe life is like a unpredictable route! Sometimes it is hard to pass through, obstacles are too high and impossible but you are supposed to not give up and keep fighting, it is the only way to survive! you just go ahead and don't be afraid, problems going to past soon, I'll guarantee it! so let’s be strong!

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