Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Beautiful Flower
I enjoy writing most than everything and even as a child I always wanted to be a famous novelist who creates fascinating dramatic stories which everybody read it and loves it!

And admire it! When I was an 8 year’s old little girl, I wrote a short story and sent it to a paper that was for children and we used to read it back then, anyway they published my script and it felt really good when I showed it to my folks! It was like I was a grownup and others were treating like one! My school teacher told to class that we are so proud for having a writer between us and it felt like flying.
The whole story was my own idea! Its title was “beautiful flower” which was actually about a little water drop who is escaping from sunlight in a warm day and a gorgeous tall flower kindly shelter it under its leafs and later when flower and whole garden need help because of drought, water drop and millions of its friend come back for help! It was an informative moving story and more than everything it was a flaming start for me, now I wrote too many stories and novels but beautiful flower was something else!

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