Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I know a child who I like so much and she has a real talent in painting, Her name is Hosna and she only has 4 years old.

You just have to give her colored pencils and white papers so she can start a childish but beautiful chaotic image of something, with a little try you can understand and enjoy the charm of her work, for example yesterday she drew me a butterfly which was a magnet refrigerator and she used to play with it time to time, anyway it is so much interesting when you see a kid tries to create such beauty and doesn't afraid of doing it wrong, I was there watching her and I am hoping she keep doing it and don’t intimidate by fake largeness of the world, it got to me and made me a frightened girl for a long time, but I am certain she won’t be like that, I won’t let that happen to her, especially because I remember how hard it was for me to learn that universe is not that complex and important deal, I have to run into its waves and know it is going to split down the middle like a peaceful and easy way.

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